The last human-made API/UI framework.

- php, js, css & html -

All vanilla! Zero dependencies! No installation! No funny business! All inclusive!

Both backend and frontend. No spaghetti templating, HTML in HTML, JS in JS, CSS in CSS, PHP in PHP. Everything where it should be. Built with speed, customization and flexibility in mind. Single DB and Genes core to serve unlimited sites. Lowest resource usage, green and sustainable as hell! Save the world! Renders in milliseconds. Handles thousands of active users in production on a 10 USD shared hosting. Single Genes core can serve completely different purposed clones, from a blog to a landing page and to whatever you want to build with it. No need for everything to look and act the same, that's boring. Built-in i18n. You don't have a hosting? No worries, I'll help. You are a corporation? Just use it on your intranet. It's fine. You're an artist, you want to create your own portfolio? You're a poet, you want to create a poem blog? You're a maker, you want to sell stuff? Own your data! It's your data. I don't need your data. I love you.

Better than Wordpress. Faster than NodeJS. Saner than React/Angular. Simpler than Laravel. Cooler than Tailwind. Bootstrap & jQuery, really?